Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

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The days and weeks after you’ve suffered a personal injury are among the most difficult you’ve ever experienced. You’re suffering from an exceptional amount of pain, missing work, wondering how you’re going to afford medical bills or even basic necessities and dealing with all the other fallout from your accident. Choosing a personal injury lawyer can fall far down your list of priorities.

As understandable as this is, however, your choice of a personal injury lawyer is vital. This is the person who will be representing you in your fight for justice and compensation. Board certified Civil Trial Specialist Herbert Thornbury has 30 years of experience in Chattanooga as a personal injury lawyer. He’ll fight for you with skill and integrity, which is exactly what you need from your attorney.

When choosing a personal injury lawyer there are a few factors to always have in mind.


This is incredibly important. Personal injury law is a complicated area, and there are many subtleties to its practice that don’t necessarily get taught in law school. They can only be learned through decades of experience with the court system.

When evaluating a personal injury lawyer’s experience, don’t just look at how long they’ve been practicing. Ask specific questions about the lawyer’s experience with the area of personal injury law that is relevant to you.

After all, if you’ve been in a car accident you want a lawyer with experience handling those cases, not someone who has largely specialized in a different area of law.

A Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Your initial consultation with the lawyer is quite meaningful. It’s your first real opportunity to speak one-on-one with the personal injury lawyer.

The consultation should be free, and the attorney should make it clear that there is no obligation attached to the consultation. During the consultation, you should use the opportunity to evaluate the personal injury lawyer and get a sense of your comfort level with him.

Herbert Thornbury offers a free, no-obligation initial consultation at which you will discuss your case. He will also happily answer any questions you may have about his training, experience, and track record of success.


Accidents are common, and there’s a pretty good chance that someone you know has required the services of a personal injury lawyer. Ask around with your friends and family and get their takes on the lawyers they’ve dealt with.

A recommendation is an excellent way of gaining insight into the details of a lawyer’s operations, namely, how he or she interacts with clients.

If you’re a Chattanooga, Tennessee resident in need of an experienced personal injury lawyer, please contact Herbert Thornbury, Attorney at Law today for a free consultation.