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Worker's Compensation is a Tennessee State-administered system that provides a no-fault way for employers and employees to work together in the event of an on-the-job injury to make sure the employee receives adequate medical care and compensation for lost time. The system forces your employer to recognize your work related injury and recognize your inability to perform your job, provided that you meet certain conditions such as having a doctor recognized by your employer certify your disability.

Or that's how Workers' Compensation is supposed to work. Unfortunately, not all employers and their insurance carriers are willing to play fair in terms of acknowledging your work injury claim and providing a reasonable course for you to get treatment, care, or even acceptance of your injury. Employers and insurance carriers who generally acknowledge the principles of fair play in workers' compensation are not above trying to skim the odd dollar here and there by providing the minimum compensation they can get away with while demanding that you perform "light duties" while you heal.

No matter how you feel about your employer, how much you like or respect the person or the company, you should always consult with a workers compensation lawyer about your workers' compensation claim to make sure you're being fairly treated. And if your employer respects you, they will acknowledge your rights and not be personally or professionally offended.

As an aid to those unfortunate enough to have suffered an on-the-job injury, including a heart attack or stroke brought on by work or at work, we have compiled an extensive list of questions and answers to help you navigate the process of making your claim, receiving treatment, and, hopefully, getting back to work.

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If you look at all you have going against you, including doctors and lawyers chosen by your employer and the insurance company, you'll realize how much you have to lose by letting them dictate all the terms, and how much you have to gain by employing a lawyer who is prepared to fight for you.

While the workers' compensation specialist program can be beneficial to you, remember that the Tennessee Department of Labor is not an advocate for you and the specialists and attorneys that are paid by the State are paid to administer a bureaucratic program, not paid to be an advocate and fight for you as we do. Our job is to maximize your recovery.

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