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Sometimes no matter how careful we are, accidents happen. Whether you're making your morning commute, you're at work doing your job, or you're on the boat enjoying time with your family, accidents are a reality.

If you or someone you love has suffered personal injuries in an accident, our experienced Chattanooga accident attorney can help. To schedule a free consultation with Mr. Herbert Thornbury, call (423) 443-3973 today.

Accident Cases We Represent

Our Chattanooga accident attorney has years of experience handling all types of accident claims, including:

No matter what type of accident you are involved in, Mr. Thornbury can help you get the compensation you deserve.

How Can Our Accident Attorney Help You?

With the help of our experienced Tennessee accident attorney, you can preserve your right to receive compensation from those responsible, whether it is another party, or your own insurance company. Even if your insurance company has already hired an attorney to represent you in a lawsuit against your policy, that attorney may not be able to represent all of your interests, but Mr. Thornbury can and will.

When it comes to medical expenses, Mr. Thornbury can help you seek compensation for past, ongoing and future costs including:

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • In-home care
  • Counseling for post-traumatic stress
  • Scar revision and reconstructive surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy

Although every case is different, you may also be able to recover compensation for:

  • Lost wages
  • Vocational training if the accident prevents your return to your previous job
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement

Additionally, in cases where deliberate misconduct was involved, you may be able to receive punitive damages as well.

The best way to determine how much compensation you might be owed is to let a professional evaluate your claim.

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