Determining What Caused a Truck Accident

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When you get into a truck accident, the strength of your legal claim will play a big part in determining the feasibility of a lawsuit or the size of any settlement. While a certain amount of the evidence can be collected at the scene of the accident from witnesses and the police report, an experienced lawyer knows where to look for additional information that can support your case.

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Possible Causes of a Trucking Accident

There are many different ways a truck accident could happen, and the exact cause of the truck accident determines many things about the case, including liability for the truck accident and the amount of damages that can be recovered. Creating a clear picture of who is at fault is critical to your case.

Some possible truck accident causes include:

  • The truck driver not seeing your car and causing the wreck
  • The truck driver being impaired due to drugs or alcohol
  • The truck driver being impaired due to an hours-of-service violation
  • The truck being loaded with more than its maximum freight limits
  • The truck's freight being improperly secured or distributed
  • An equipment failure on the truck due to malfunction or lack of maintenance

After an accident involving a truck, you may have several questions about your truck accident and the legal implications of your particular situation. A lawyer like Herbert Thornbury, with years of legal experience in the state of Tennessee, can be an invaluable asset for answering these questions.

Contacting Government Trucking Agencies

While a police report will explain the basic facts of the accident, it's far from comprehensive. To get a more detailed account of the accident, including the condition of all the truck's major mechanical functions prior to the accident, you need to get the report made by a state truck inspector.

Generally, you need to contact a variety of government agencies in order to secure the truck inspector's report and compare it with federal and state regulations. Because the bureaucracy with the various governments and companies can be so complex, it is generally best to hire a lawyer who knows what to look for and who can find it.

Recording Devices on Trucks

Lots of companies these days have recording devices on their trucks. These devices can help determine what happened in a trucking accident, and may even contain video evidence of the crash or records of how fast the truck was going. Getting the data from these devices can be absolutely critical for your case.

Herbert Thornbury knows about the importance of these devices, and knows how to get access to the data in a timely manner. This is important, because trucking companies don't keep the data on each truck for very long, and it could be erased due to some oversight on the company's part.

Your Truck Accident Attorney in Tennessee

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