Help with a Wrongful Death Case

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The tragic loss of a loved one can only be compiled by the fact that your loved one may have died because of the negligence of another. While it may seem superfluous after such a tragic loss, having our attorney help you with your wrongful death case can help you and your family move on with a little more comfort.

After a death, our attorney can help you determine who was at fault for the horrible accident. We empathetically will help you and your family seek damages that will help you afford burial costs and can also help you in the future without your loved one. These damages can replace lost earnings, benefits, and insurance and will be there for your future.

At the Law Office of Herbert Thornbury, we have decades of experience and understand how to navigate difficult cases like yours. We will thoroughly and kindly help you and your family get back on your feet after a horrible loss. Please contact us today by calling (423) 443-3973. We serve clients in Chattanooga and can help you.