Injured in a Chattanooga Truck Accident?

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Chattanooga Truck Accident Attorneys | TN LawyersWhile any type of automobile accident is a horrible experience, it is nearly impossible for a semi-truck accident to not have the worst consequences. Simply due to the size and weight of a semi-truck equates for horrible damage to vehicles and, oftentimes, injuries or even wrongful death in the case of the passenger.

If you've been involved in an accident with a semi-truck, you may be at a loss for what do. You may be experiencing fear and shock at the injuries or damage that you and your vehicle have undergone, but there is a helping hand that assist you in processing your next steps. Herbert Thornbury our Chattanooga truck accident attorney has decades of experience helping people just like yourself determine what to do after being involved in a truck accident.

If you've been involved in a truck accident, there are some important steps to take afterward, including the following:

  • Contact the authorities -- the police can help keep the scene safe and begin evaluating evidence to determine who was at fault
  • Document the scene -- take pictures of the accident, exchange information with all those involved, and get witness' information if they're willing to give it out
  • Never admit fault -- even if you believe you may be partially at fault, this is for the authorities to determine
  • Contact our Chattanooga truck accident lawyers -- we can help you communicate with you insurance company so they don't force you into signing something that may hinder you later if you decide to file a lawsuit
  • Seek medical attention -- only a physician can determine if you are or aren't injured, so always visit your doctor

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After a truck accident, you and your family may need coverage for medical bills, insurance claims, rehabilitation, and lost wages, so don't leave that all up to chance. Our attorney, Herbert Thornbury, will help get you the compensation you deserve if you were hit by a semi-truck. We operate on a contingency-fee basis, meaning you only pay if we win an award or settlement for you, so please don't hesitate to contact us today by calling (423) 443-3973.