Truck Accident Injury Claims

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Chattanooga Truck AccidentsIf you've been involved in a serious Chattanooga area truck accident caused by a negligent truck driver, you may be able to get compensation for the damages related to the accident. But you might be asking yourself: "Where do I even start?" The law office of Herbert Thornbury Attorney at Law understands how overwhelming it can be to be involved in a crash. So we've gathered the information for you to help guide you through the process.

Filing Your Claim

Right after the accident, be sure to document everything, down to the details of the accident including your injuries. If possible, try to get witness reports  and photographs of the accident--this will help to build your case and establish liability with the truck driver. Take note of the trucking company and the name of the trucker. Once you have this information, the next step is to research and begin the claim process with your insurance company.

Negotiate With Adjusters

After your claim has been filed, insurance adjusters may need more evidence and information. To obtain it, they may give you a call to gain access to your medical records. If the adjusters determine that the liability lies with the trucking company, they could offer you a settlement. Be wary of this and speak with our attorney in Chattanooga before you accept any sort of settlement.

How An Attorney Can Help

The steps we've covered are just a brief generalization of the entire process. In actuality, this may be a long and arduous affair. Attorney Herbert Thornbury can help you file your claim, establish liability and negotiate for the full compensation you deserve. In the case that negotiations do not lead to a reasonable settlement, he might encourage you to file a lawsuit.

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