Spring Break Safety

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In the coming weeks, students all over the nation will be going into spring break and leaving their academic responsibilities behind them. It's no secret that many college students take spring break to the next level and choose to partake in risky behaviors that could lead to devastating consequences.

Drunk driving accidents and alcohol related injuries tend to increase during spring in general, due to events like spring break, prom, and graduation parties. Chattanooga auto accident lawyer, Herbert Thornbury, wants to remind everyone to have fun while staying out of harm's way this season with the following safety tips:

  • Plan Ahead - Make sure you know how you intend on getting to and from a place prior to going
  • Be Responsible - If you plan on driving, don't drink. If you end up drinking, don't drive. Leave your car and find an alternative way to get back to where you need to go
  • Watch Your Alcohol Consumption - Binge drinking can be fatal. After so much, your body cannot process alcohol and it becomes toxic. This can result in a shutdown of muscles that control heart and lung function
  • Keep an Eye on Your Drink - It's not uncommon for someone to slip something into your drink if you don't keep an eye on it. This is not something that only happens to females, males are susceptible as well
  • Stay Hydrated - The idea of alcohol and sun seem ideal; however, you can easily become extremely dehydrated. Make sure to be aware of your water intake at all times.

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