Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

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Chattanooga truck accident lawyerTennessee semi accident lawyer Herbert Thornbury has over three decades of experience in handling trucking accidents. He understands the sheer power of the forces involved and is all too familiar with the devastating injuries that often result. Determining what caused a semi truck accident can be a complex process, but Mr. Thornbury has the knowledge and expertise to help you get to the bottom of your case. Among the most common causes of semi truck accidents are:

  • Driver error - This can include a wide range of causes including knowing the limitations of the vehicle, misuse of prescription drugs, driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances, or even driving without regard for road or weather conditions.
  • Negligent Maintenance - Often, this is the result of trucking companies trying to cut costs. Even if the driver of the semi is doing everything right, negligent maintenance can lead to serious malfunctions and accidents. Overloaded trailers are another form of negligence that can lead to serious problems.
  • Driver Fatigue - This is considered the most common cause of semi accidents. Drivers are under tremendous pressure to deliver their hauls on time on tight schedules. They often fail to adhere to federal trucking regulations, with disastrous results.

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