What to do if your Hover Board Exploded

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Hover Boards were one of the hot gifts on many people's holiday lists for the 2015 holiday season. Many people received this hot seller as a gift, only to find out tragically that it can erupt in flames.

In the case of a fire, protecting yourself from personal injury is the most important thing to do. Make sure to extinguish any flames and to keep yourself, and others, from being harmed by the fire. After extinguishing the flames, be cautious with burned items as they may remain hot.

If you're burned, apply proper first-aid to the burn.

If you're effected by a fire, it is also important that you protect your rights. You can follow these guidelines to protect them:

  • Take photographs, and keep medical records of any injuries incurred due to the fire.
  • Document the incident and get the names and contact information of anyone else involved, including witnesses.
  • Photograph the scene of the incident. Make sure to include any damage caused by the fire.
  • Contact a lawyer.

Obtaining legal representation, such as Attorney Thornberry, and not jumping on a quick settlement is important to getting full financial retribution. Burns, whether first degree or third, can result in physical and mental pains that can last years. Not only may you incur medical and psychological counseling bills, but you may also need cosmetic procedures. Don't get stuck with the medical and rehabilitation bills because of the negligence of someone else.

If you're in the Chattanooga area and have a Hover Board that has exploded, contact Attorney Herbert Thornbury at 423-443-3973 to schedule a free legal consultation.