Insurance Claims After an Auto Accident

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Automobile accidents are always traumatic and disorienting. But for many people, the process of dealing with insurance companies after the accident can be equally stressful. With over thirty years of experience as a Tennessee auto accident lawyer, Herbert Thornbury can give you some tips on how to deal with insurance companies immediately following an accident.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver

Your first priority in any auto accident is getting immediate medical attention for anyone who requires it. If nobody is seriously hurt, however, your next step should be to take down the information of the other driver. This should include:

  • The other driver's name
  • The other driver's address and telephone number
  • The other driver's license number and vehicle registration
  • The other driver's insurance company name
  • The other driver's insurance policy number
  • The phone number for the other driver's insurance company

Many insurance companies offer free smartphone apps that save all this information. Make sure to call both insurance companies, yours and the other driver's, so that you will be fulfilling the "good faith" requirements of your insurance contract.

Document the Accident

Take photos of the damage done to both cars, any skid marks on the road, and any injuries done to your person. Ask witnesses to the crash to give statements, and get their contact info so they can verify it later. Written statements are especially helpful, so try to give them a pen and paper so they can write everything down.

Finally, call the police. A police report is helpful evidence that will carry a great deal of weight with claims adjusters. All accidents in the state of Tennessee that involve personal injury and damages of more than $50 must be reported to the police, so don't allow the other driver to talk you out of reporting your accident.

Get Legal Representation

Most insurance companies try to take advantage of a victim's lack of expertise. Chances are you haven't been in many auto accidents, while an insurance claim adjuster deals with several of them every day. The best way to deal with this imbalance is to hire someone who has plenty of experience with these cases.

Herbert Thornbury, Esquire, has plenty of experience representing auto accident cases in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. His client reviews and record of success show that he has what it takes to get you fairly compensated by an insurance company. To see what Herbert Thornbury can do for you, call his legal practice at (423) 443-3973 today.