Search Tool for Vehicle Recall Information Unveiled

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When you get into an auto accident with a defective vehicle, you run the risk of turning minor injuries into preventable fatalities. With millions of vehicles being recalled every year for safety defects or noncompliance with federal standards, hundreds of thousands of consumers are facing this risk.

Our experienced Chattanooga car accident lawyer has handled numerous cases involving instances of wrongful death and severe personal injury that have been the consequence of driving defective vehicles, and we know how devastating the damage can be.

One major problem facing consumers is that they remain unaware of recalls that directly affect their vehicles, and they fail to have the issues serviced.

Thanks to a new, free, online search tool from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), you can now be more informed about the safety of your vehicle.

To find out if your vehicle is under recall for any reason, you just enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) into the new NHTSA search tool online and then you will be provided with up-to-date safety information regarding any recall defects or safety issues.

This tool offers car owners, renters and buyers a quick and easy way to find out if the vehicle you're driving is really as safe as it seems. Still, even the safest drivers can end up in car accidents with other motorists.

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