Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

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signs of nursing home abuse - chattanooga nursing home abuse attorneyOne of the best ways to catch nursing home abuse early and prevent it from reaching a tragic point is to visit your loved one regularly. By visiting the Chattanooga-area nursing home in which your loved one is residing, you can talk to your family member, get to know his or her friends and the staff members working at the facility and catch any signs of abuse.

However, regular visits are only helpful if you know what to look for. The signs of abuse and neglect can be subtle and hard to spot. Here are a few tips for identifying the signs of nursing home abuse when visiting your loved one:

  • Look for any significant weight loss – this could be a sign of malnutrition
  • Note any meaningful changes in your loved one's personality, especially if they seem fearful or withdrawn
  • Sudden spending can be a sign of financial exploitation
  • Note the quality of your loved one's room and any common areas – do they look dirty or poorly maintained?
  • And, of course, you should be on the lookout for any external signs of abuse, such as bruises, cuts, scrapes or sores

You can read this page to learn more about what you should do if you see the signs of abuse or neglect.

If abuse and neglect does occur, our experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can help. Mr. Thornbury has decades of experience helping the victims of abuse in Chattanooga-area nursing homes pursue compensation for their injuries.

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