Who Is At Fault For My Truck Accident?

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Commercial trucks can pose a very serious threat to Tennessee motorists. Due to the large size and limited maneuverability of these vehicles, truck accidents tend to result in serious injuries that are often deadly. Unfortunately, pursuing the compensation you deserve can require a great deal of expertise due to the legal complexities of establishing liability in a truck accident.

Our Chattanooga truck accident lawyer has more than three decades of experience handling these complicated claims, and Mr. Thornbury knows what it takes to make your claim successful.

One of the most difficult but significant elements of your Chattanooga truck accident claim is establishing who is at fault. Due to the nature of the commercial trucking industry, there are multiple parties that may be held responsible for damages including:

  • The truck owner and/or truck driver
  • The manufacturer of the truck and/or its parts
  • The cargo company or trucking agency
  • Government road authorities (in the event of road design defects or disrepair)

Unfortunately, identifying all of the potentially liable parties is only one part of the legal process for a truck accident claim. To determine which of these parties should be held liable and to what extent, there is still a great deal of investigative work to be done.

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