What To Do If Your Car Is Recalled For Defects

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By now you’ve no doubt heard of General Motors’ ignition switch failure and Toyota’s faulty airbags. While these are famous cases of large-scale recalls, automakers recall cars and trucks every day for relatively benign issues. So when you receive a recall letter, how seriously should you take it? If a defective automobile has caused you to suffer an injury, trust Tennessee car accident attorney Herbert Thornbury to hold the car manufacturer responsible.

Consumer Reports notes that automakers are taking fewer chances in the wake of recent high-profile recalls involving GM and Toyota. So car manufacturers are increasingly choosing to issue broad recalls when even minor parts fail infrequently. This means that sometimes your recalled car may pose little to no danger at all.

Regardless of the nature of the recall, save all communication you receive from the carmaker in order to document any potential case that arises. Have your vehicle serviced as soon as you can, and retain the services of a Tennessee car accident attorney to help you recover any damages to which you may be entitled.

In serious recall cases, you might be instructed to stop driving altogether and to tow your car to the dealer for immediate repair. While this is rare, it’s best to heed the warning and stop driving to prevent car accident injuries.

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a defective vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact Tennessee car accident attorney Herbert Thornbury today at (423) 443-3973 to arrange a free consultation.