Injured Drivers to Play a Role in Takata Bankruptcy

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defective Takata airbags - Chattanooga car accident lawyerThe Takata airbag disaster has claimed many victims. Now, it has claimed what is undoubtedly its most ironic victim: the Takata Corporation itself.

The airbag manufacturer is filing for bankruptcy in both Japan and the United States, a direct result of a controversy involving shoddy airbags that sprayed shrapnel upon deployment. Takata is finalizing the sale of most of its business to a Michigan-based company.

The good news is that injured drivers will not be excluded from the Takata bankruptcy. A lawyer with the Department of Justice recently announced that a seven-person committee will represent economic loss and personal injury claimants during the bankruptcy proceedings.

The committee, which includes a man who suffered a major neck laceration as the result of an exploding Takata airbag, will be responsible for advocating for the rights of personal injury victims and investigating various financial claims.

This is welcome news. Our Chattanooga car accident lawyer will continue to monitor developments in the Takata case, and we hope personal injury victims have a fair shot at the compensation they deserve.

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