Proving Fault in a Car Accident

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Proving Fault in a Car Accident - Chattanooga A car accident is a chaotic situation. They happen fast, and it's not at all unusual for everyone involved to have a different story. This doesn't mean that someone is lying – human memory is fallible, and it's quite often the case that those involved simply remember the accident differently.

Herbert Thornbury has decades of experience not just helping the victims of car accidents in the Chattanooga area, but also investigating these wrecks. And this experience is invaluable, because the entire personal injury system is predicated on the concept of fault. Put simply, you must prove fault in order to successfully pursue compensation.

Our car accident lawyer will conduct a thorough, professional investigation into your case. We will talk to witnesses, examine physical evidence, pore over police reports and medical records and leave no stone unturned to find evidence of fault.

And you can help. What you do after your accident can play a crucial role in our future investigation. Take lots of photos. Keep copies of all the insurance and police paperwork. By doing these things, you can give us a leg up in helping you.

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