Staying Safe on Your Bicycle

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Woman riding a bicycle

As the weather improves, more and more people will begin riding their bicycles for recreation, commuting, exercise, and more. Understanding how to stay safe on your bicycle is essential for preventing an accident.

The first step in keeping safe is making sure your bicycle is in working order. Make sure the seat is adjusted to its proper height and that the tires are fully inflated. Check brakes, pedals, and the chain as well. If you aren’t familiar with bicycle maintenance, take your bike in for a tune-up every few months.

Remaining visible is important for cyclists. This can include wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing and using lights both on the front and back of your bicycle. Consider mounting a horn or bell on your cycle as well. This helps to alert others of your presence when you are coming up behind them.

Without exception, wear a helmet. Bicycle helmets should fit snugly and be secured with straps. Studies have found that wearing a bicycle helmet reduces the risk of serious injury by 60% and the risk of fatal injury by 79%.

Riding safely means more than wearing a helmet. Be sure to always ride with the flow of traffic and obey traffic signs, signals, and laws. Keep your hands on your handlebars and your eyes on the road. Use hand signals to let others know your intent. These steps can all help you avoid being injured in an accident.

Understanding Your Rights

Bicyclists, even the most responsible and attentive, are at increased risk for injury when involved in an accident. Several factors can play into the severity of these accidents, including things like speed at the time of the collision, helmet use, and vehicle type, but it is very common for bicycle accidents to result in excessive medical expenses, an inability to work, and a fair amount of pain and suffering. These things can all be addressed through a personal injury lawsuit.

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